Photo guidelines


Make sure to upload a high-quality photo to receive the best results on your personalised Keychain. The quality of the picture is important. Make sure to only upload sharp photos where the subject is in focus and all the contours are clearly visible. 


It’s important! The light source should preferably shine straight onto the dog. If the picture is very dark, it is difficult for us to know exactly where to engrave and it will make the final product less detailed, especially on dogs with dark fur.


Make sure that your pet is in the centre of the image and the photograph is exposing the head or the entire body which ever you decide to have engraved. Please bear in mind that everything you want to be engraved on your pendant needs to be well exposed. We are unable to engrave the parts of your pet that aren’t clearly visible in the photo. With that being said, if you wanting a full body engraving, please ensure your pets paws and ears are visible, if not, they won’t be engraved.


We recommend to do 1 animal or person per pendant. If you really want both of your pets on the same pendant, make sure that all the animals are positioned next to each other with little to no space in between them. Also keep in mind that using multiple pets won’t increase the diameter size of the finished pendant.

 Important Information

If your pet has dark fur we highly recommend to go with Sterling Silver to ensure the best possible quality of your pendant.

We use the exact photo you upload with your order when we manufacture your Silver Essence Jewellery. Make sure that you have followed the above photo guidelines and that you’re overall happy with the photo you uploaded. 

If we receive a photo that doesn’t follow our guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the final piece will be of high quality. We can’t offer replacements in these cases, so take your time to select a good photo.

All examples on our site were produced from high quality photos. It’s your responsibility to make sure the photo you provide meets our guidelines.

Text Engraving

If you choose to have texted engraved on your pendant, please note that the text should not be longer than 25 characters including, symbols and emojis.


  • “My best friend”
  • “Always in my heart ❤️”
  • “Best friends forever”